Former Warborn Waste 6-string destroyer Martin Jaramillo will join Black Rabbit as our bassist! We are very happy to have him on board! He will be playing on stage with us for the first time this Saturday, so give him a warm welcome.

Lazaru's Presents : Black Rabbit / Anger Machine / Defazer!


Photo by John van der Zee

A few words from Pieter

Vlaardingen and Delft last Saturday were crazy! Like we told you, Earik was substituting for Pieter. Unfortunately, Pieter chose to stop with Black Rabbit.

A few words from Pieter:

''Hey everyone, unfortunately I have to quit Black Rabbit. The band is growing, and I cannot give the full 100% this band needs and definitely deserves. I had a lot of fun playing and rehearsing with these guys, and I want to thank them for these couple of years together. And of course, recording our EP “Warren of Necrosis” was an amazing adventure. I wish Jelle, Hidde, and Max all the best.'' This means that we are searching for a vocalist and bassist or the combination of these two. What is it we search?

  • - You are motivated
  • - You are available to rehearse every Monday night in Apeldoorn
  • - You are all geared up
  • - You love thrash/death metal but are not afraid to use other subgenres
  • - You are ready to perform every possible gig available
  • - You have a driver's license (pre)

What do we offer you?

  • - A studio where we can rehearse, record and chill, whenever we want
  • - 3 guys who are dedicated to do everything for the band
  • - Making sure that every gig is the best show yet to come
Do you think you fit the picture, are you interested or got some questions, don’t hesitate to send them to our email


After probably being given lots of gifts already, we proudly present you: 'La Bestia', from our upcoming EP 'Warren of Necrosis'! Let the world know and share this beast around!

Artwork by Roberto Toderico Art

Video by Pim Voormeulen